Client Stories

Hear what past clients and students have to say about working together.

Hear from past Guest Masterclass clients

The feedback from sessions with Annie has been phenomenal.

She’s supported my clients to be more confident in the online space, to really own who they are, to take risks and step out of their comfort zone in a way that they never have before.

Ellie Swift
7-Figure Business Mentor

If you are thinking about booking Annie as a speaker, I highly recommend her. She is a wealth of knowledge, and an incredible human as well.

Steph Taylor
Online Business Strategist

Annie’s work is so powerful, so important. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to do work in this area, go and work with Annie because she is exceptional at what she does.

Fi Mims
Personal Brand Mentor & Photographer

Annie’s approach really helped us to connect the idea of DEI with the actual practice. I know that the team and network of therapists benefited greatly. Thank you so much Annie.

Elizabeth Earnshaw
Relationship Realist & Licensed Therapist

Hear from past 1:1 DEI Consultation clients

Annie’s perspective and power, but her loving fierce way of delivering is second to none. I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of Annie’s world.

Hayley Carr
Life, Leadership & Business Coach, NLP Trainer

It was really brilliant to have guidance from someone who’s so welcoming and supportive in the way that they coach.

Emily Osmond
Modern Marketing Coach

Hear from past REPRESENTED participants

After participating in REPRESENTED, the very next time that I opened my doors for my programme Beyond Web Copy, I had so many more sign ups than I had had in any other round and from the most fabulously diverse groups of people and from almost every continent on earth, which was just amazing to me.

I’m positive that wouldn’t have been the case without Annie’s teachings, guidance and support. I made the investment back within a couple of months, and I’m set up now to continue to work towards creating the inclusive business in my dreams.

Susan Reoch
UX Strategist & Copywriter

What REPRESENTED gave me was an incredibly beautiful foundation for which to build a lifelong body of work, not just in my business, but in my family. That’s where the real change happens, within us, and within the core of the family unit. I’m so grateful to have had this experience with Annie.

I’m so grateful to have had this experience with Annie. You couldn’t find a better space holder. You couldn’t find a more gentle, guiding light to walk you through a very deep, robust and challenging field of work.

Alexandra Wiatr
Sensual Wealth Mentor

If you’re thinking of taking REPRESENTED, I urge you to do so. Not only will your business become a safer and more inclusive place for people who have been marginalised, but you will also understand yourself better and grow as a human being. The course gave me so much more value than I expected.

Annie is a brilliant teacher with a deep understanding of diversity, equity and racism and she teaches with so much kindness and love. I can honestly say your life and your business will be better for taking this course.

Janine McCarthy
Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy

The course was incredible. It was absolutely amazing. It’s transformed how I lead, interact and relate to my clients and has had an incredibly wonderful impact on the kind of clients I’m attracting.

Kim McClelland
Melbourne Wedding Florist & Celebrant

Annie is the most amazing mentor, coach and educator I have had the privilege to work with. This programme has been life changing for me. Annie is passionate about helping us be that kind of change that you want to see in the world. So let Annie be your guide that you know you want because you will not regret it. I’m so grateful to have Annie in my world.

Toni Collis
Leadership Coach, Tech and Inclusion Strategist

If you are unsure about where to start or what to do, or what the whole “leading a racially inclusive business” even means then REPRESENTED is a programme I can highly recommend. You don’t need to go anywhere else. I did a lot of research. I looked at different programmes in different parts of the world and kept coming back to Anne’s programme and to REPRESENTED.

Shannon Dunn
Business & Leadership Coach, Speaker & Author

I think it’s an absolute must for any business owner to do REPRESENTED with AnnIe, regardless of whether you are a white person or a person of colour, there is so much value to be had from being in that container. I really cannot recommend it enough.

Gill D’Cunha
Beyond Career Coach

REPRESENTED has changed everything. It’s changed how I look through the lens of antiracism now, whereas I didn’t before, so that’s been a massive change and difference. It’s almost like having your eyes open to a whole other way to look at the world.

Kelly Allen
​​Ethical Marketing Copywriter

I would highly recommend REPRESENTED no matter where you are in your own personal or professional journey. Annie has such a depth of knowledge that she’s poured into the program. Not just from a personal perspective, but from all the resources that are available in the course too.

Amy Babish
Relationship Coach

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Julie Parker
Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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Cat Skreiner
Energetic Business Strategist

REPRESENTED is an invaluable, necessary and heartfelt container, and Annie is so gifted, noticing and shining a light on our blind spots so that we can ultimately lean deeper into this work. 

Jessica Savage
Intuitive Mentor

If it is important to you to see this world of ours, be a more just and fair place and you want to run a diverse, inclusive and equitable business – REPRESENTED is the programme that is going to help you do that.

Kerry Solomon
Confidence & Mindset Coach

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Cayla Merrill
Branding Coach & Graphic Designer

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Jaci Rogash
Transformation & Mindset Coach

This experience was transformational and Annie is a gifted space holder who created a brave space for us to enter, be honest and go beyond the surface.

Katie Kurtz
Trauma-Informed Leadership Specialist & Trainer

Annie is such a good coach, her kindness and compassion on understanding are just ever present on the calls, so discomfort doesn’t feel scary.

Elle Turner
Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Mentor

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Jess Sermak
Intuitive Soul Coach

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Sally Hewitt
Founder of Ageing Gratefully

Doing the REPRESENTED program with Annie was incredible. It was life-changing. It was business elevating. It was deep. It was challenging. It was inspiring. It was important. It’s necessary. I feel a lot of change after it. 

Sammie Fleming
Feminine Leadership Coach

There is so much amazing content in REPRESENTED that I feel every single business owner or person that works for a business needs to do it. You get uncomfortable in such a good way because it really uncovers where you need to do more work, where you need to build more relationships and how you can become an ally.

Hayley McLennan
Career & Life Coach

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Sussana Christine
Menstrual Cycle Coach

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Kim Argetsinger
Multi-6-Figure Mindset & Business Coach

Annie creates such a beautiful space. One that is not judgmental in the slightest to have those difficult conversations and share the actual actionable steps that we can take to contribute to a more equitable life and existence for everyone.

Sarah Lajeunesse
Coach, Writer & Speaker

Having a space that I could actually navigate some of the questions that I had been exploring internally and explore them so much more with a group of people who were like-minded. No matter your background or how silly you may think some of your questions or perspectives are, it’s such a brave space to be a part of.

Tennielle Maree
Confidence & Self Empowerment Coach

I highly recommend this programme for anybody who is starting to consider how they might be able to show up in this space, and it gives you a path towards starting to explore and change the way that you show up so that you can have a much more inclusive business. I would not hesitate in recommending this programme to anyone and actually I think it is essential for anybody that is choosing to run a business.

Kirryn Simpson
Matrescence Mentor + Energy Coach

I’d recommend REPRESENTED for every business owner who really wants to create an all inclusive business and be able to really unpack your own privilege and go the depths necessary. It’s such a supportive experience and so encouraging and absolutely life changing and really highlights why this life work is lifelong.

Hayley McLennan
HR Coach for Leaders

I joined REPRESENTED to learn from Annie and to be a role model for my daughter. My biggest takeaway is that it’s not enough to say that I’m not racist. I need to take action to be anti racist, and it all starts with me in educating myself. I recommend REPRESENTED, not only for business owners online, but to anyone looking to further educate themselves to be a better human being.

Kristin Meldrum
Online Fitness and Life Coach

I would absolutely 1000 times over recommend Annie and her work and the REPRESENTED programme to anybody who wants to see this world be anti racist. I’m truly a different person because of the work I’ve done with Annie. I’m no longer scared. I’m facing this work head on and being more of an ally as I learn more and more.

Lauren Jobson
Life Coach & Author

Hear from past Chief Representation Officer (CRO) participants

Already in just a short space of time, the changes that I’m starting to see in terms of increasing representation amongst people joining my programmes, working within my team, people that I am learning from is such a transformation, and I credit all of that to the work that I’ve been able to do with Annie.

Jessica Miller
Business Strategist