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Inclusion Statement Workshop

A step by step process on how to create an authentic and impactful Inclusion statement for your online platform.

Here’s what you will learn:

What a Inclusion Statement really means and how it can play a significant role in allowing People of Colour to take a step closer to you and your business.

The 3 (MUST HAVE) steps to writing a powerful and meaningful Inclusion Statement that is authentic to you and your business.

Where to position your statement so the right people can find it and go from being potential clients to actual clients.

By the end of the workshop you will walk away with a fully written Inclusion Statement ready to share on your platforms – one that will begin to position you as a genuinely inclusive leader for People of Colour.

Price: $197 AUD




Scholarship Immersion Experience

Create a successful & supportive scholarship program for People of Colour.

In this half day immersion you will learn:

What a scholarship program really is and what it isn't.

How to know if it’s the best fit for your business and goals, so you can implement racial diversity and inclusion into your business in a way that feels aligned to AND supports People of Colour.

How to equip yourself to hold space for scholarship recipients who identify as People of Colour.

5 steps to creating a successful scholarship program so you can attract, serve, and convert right fit, heart-led clients.

By the end of this experience, you will walk away knowing how to create and implement a scholarship experience that attracts, serves, and supports People of Colour. This will set you apart as a business owner that cares deeply about this work, positioning you as a genuinely inclusive leader.

Price: $197 AUD

Allyship in Action Masterclass

In this masterclass I take you through what it means to be a genuine ally and share practical ways you can take personal and public action in a sustainable way.

In this session you’ll learn:

The difference between being a genuine ally and being performative.

The biggest blocks that get in the way of being an ally and advocate (and how to move past them).

The practical steps you can begin to take right away to be a genuine ally and advocate.

How to be racially inclusive in both your life and business.

Price: $97 AUD




DEI Goal Setting Masterclass

Start creating clear actionable goals that’ll become the guiding compass for building a more inclusive business that’s reflective of your values.

Inside this training I’ll guide you through:

How to apply DEI into your business for sustainable growth.

The simple steps you can take now to become more aware of your bias & become more inclusive.

Why setting your DEI goals is just as (if not more) important as your money and marketing goals… and how to set & track them moving forward.

How to preempt the blocks that may get in the way of your progress so you can overcome them.

Price: $97 AUD

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A brave space where you’ll be gracefully called in and called on as you weave diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of your online business and life.

Throughout our immersive 10 week journey together, you’ll be supported to:

Deeply understand how our systems, institutions, businesses, and way of life continue to disadvantage People of Colour.

Recognise the ways in which you can evolve your business, so you are operating from a place of cultural and racial representation.

Unpack the toxic perfectionism that’s likely been keeping you stuck in inaction, so you can become an active ally in diversity, equity and inclusion.


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