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Microaggressions 101

How to hold safeR spaces in your online coaching business that will see you serve a wider and more racially diverse audience

19th March @ 3pm PST / 20th March @ 10am AEDT

19th March @ 3pm PST /
20th March @ 10am AEDT

We all know first impressions count, yet rather than putting their best foot forward, most big-hearted, well intended coaches are unknowingly starting their relationships with their prospective Black, Brown, Indigenous & People of Colour clients off on the wrong foot…

… Where are you from, originally?
… Wow, your English is so good for a Black person!
… Your skin tone is not “dark” enough, are you sure you are from Africa?
… We have a scholarship program to support people like you!

These subtle, yet gut-punching microaggressions can feel like death by 1,000 cuts for a person of colour as they are continually reminded they don’t belong.

Which I’m certain you’ll agree isn’t conducive to a deeply impactful client-coach relationship!

But when you take the time to deepen your awareness of microaggressions you’ll not only know how to build relationships and trust with your People of Colour community, you’ll also know how to hold an intentionally inclusive, respectful, and transformational space where they feel welcomed and capable of achieving their desired results.

Which is exactly why I’ve created Microaggressions 101 for service based online businesses.

Inside this 60 minute Live Training, you’ll learn how to create and hold spaces where people of all backgrounds feel included, valued, and capable of succeeding.

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About Your Trainer..

Annie Gichuru is a leading racial equity coach & consultant for online entrepreneurs. She has helped many prominent online business leaders build intentionally inclusive businesses – the most notable of which is her partnership with The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, where she supports trainees and emerging coaches as a DEI trainer.

She is deeply passionate about representation through a racial justice lens, and combines her experience as an internationally certified life coach, her love of storytelling, and her extensive career as a Human Resource specialist to deliver REPRESENTED – a transformational online program, which has been described as ‘a must for all business owners who are ready to build a racially diverse, inclusive and equitable business’.

Annie’s grace, gentle spirit and passion for a racially equitable world is setting her apart in the coaching and personal development industry as a compassionate educator with an incredible space holding ability.

Here’s how I’ll guide you to elevate your space holding into one that fosters inclusivity and respect especially for People of Colour:

The result?

You’ll walk away with:

Freguently Asked Questions

The entire masterclass will be 60 minutes and you’ll walk away with so much more awareness that will support you to be a better space holder.


You Bet. There will be a Q&A session after the training.

Yes. I’ll share information about my course REPRESENTED.

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