5 Microaggressions Commonly Made in Online Coaching Spaces

(and what to do instead)

As an online business owner or coach there’s no doubt about your commitment and dedication to fostering an inclusive coaching environment (after all, it was your heart and care for others that drove you to do this work in the first place).

But, there’s subtle ways you could be unintentionally causing harm within your spaces through unconscious acts of microaggression.

This guide will help you uncover the patterns or behaviours within your space holding that may be affecting the experience of your clients from diverse backgrounds so you can hold more intentionally inclusive and impactful coaching spaces.

In This Free Guide, You’ll Uncover:

🔍 The subtle yet damaging microaggressions prevalent in online coaching spaces.
🌐 How these overlooked barriers can affect client relationships and shape the coaching experience.
📌 Actionable insights to identify and mitigate the five most common microaggressions.
🌟 Solution driven strategies to empower your coaching approach and create a more inclusive business environment.

Ready to improve your coaching dynamics and forge stronger client connections?

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