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Scholarship Immersion Experience

How to Create a Successful & Supportive Scholarship Program for People of Colour

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Together, we’ll focus on three key parts of creating a successful scholarship program


We’ll start the immersion by talking about exactly what a scholarship program is and the different types of scholarships you can host.

We’ll also evaluate where you’re at on your racial equity and inclusion journey so you know your next steps for providing a safeR more inclusive environment for your recipients.


Next, I’ll help you determine if a scholarship is the best, most sustainable avenue for your business or if you should consider other (equally impactful) ways of creating opportunities for equity and inclusion.

When we’re done, you’ll have concrete data to help you make the best decision for the long term sustainability of your business (while still serving deeply).


Finally, we’ll dig into how to make your scholarship a success – from marketing to the application process to further education and engaging your audience.

You’ll walk away with a personalised action plan for creating a successful scholarship program that you can start implementing right away.

You’re a coach who is ready to grow a more diverse audience through a scholarship program... all while creating a safeR, inclusive, and supportive environment.

And that’s amazing. Scholarships are incredible tools for creating connection and providing opportunities for people who might not otherwise have been able to participate.


Creating a scholarship program that feels welcoming for People of Colour isn’t as simple as slapping on a discount and a check box for their identity or race. In fact, it is so much more.

Successful scholarship programs follow an intentional process that ensures a mutually beneficial partnership – where the coach can create a more inclusive business by cultivating new opportunities for People of Colour, connecting with right-fit clients, and growing a sustainably profitable business…

And recipients feel genuinely welcomed and invited to take up space in a safeR environment where they can thrive.

Which is exactly what I’ll support you to do in real-time during the live scholarship immersion.


$197 AUD


$99 AUD

Sustainable profitability starts when leaders make racial Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a core part of their business.

Hey there, I’m Annie.

A racial equity coach & consultant for online business owners. 

The work I do is so much bigger than I am and in 2020, as I processed the heartbreak of witnessing the life of George Floyd being squeezed out of him, I realised that in order to truly dismantle the status quo and close the gap in the levels of representation, we’d need the support of white women. 

Since then, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to locking arms with heart-led online business owners as they become activators for change and use their business and privilege as a force for good. 

It’s my hope this work helps pave the way for a better future for my children and other People of Colour for generations to come… 

A future where racial equity exists, and they see themselves represented in positions of leadership, influence, and business, so they can confidently pursue their dreams without ever questioning their worth. 

If that’s the kind of future you’re interested in too – I’d love for us to journey there together.

Create a successful and supportive scholarship program that attracts, serves, and supports People of Colour

In this half day immersion you will learn:

By the end of this experience, you will walk away knowing how to create and implement a scholarship experience that attracts, serves, and supports People of Colour. This will set you apart as a business owner that cares deeply about this work, positioning you as a genuinely inclusive leader.

This workshop is perfect for you if...

This workshop is not for you if...

I’ve designed the workshop specifically for like-hearted entrepreneurs. We’re not following an arbitrary best practices checklist. We’re focused on human practices that call in right-fit, values-aligned clients.


Questions inclusive business owners asked before saying YES to the Scholarship Immersion Workshop...

Nope! This training will walk you through the essential steps to consider before creating a scholarship program (or help you improve on your current one, so it actually attracts the people you’re intending to serve).

That’s why I’m here! It is my calling and joy to help business owners like you find the confidence to step up and create more inclusivity in their businesses. This workshop will go through everything you need to know to create a space that fosters a safeR and positive experience that is second to none that sees your scholarship recipients succeed beyond their expectations.

The entire workshop happens over the course of ONE afternoon for three hours. Very few things that are as impactful and useful for your business happen in this relatively short amount of time. And, if the time doesn’t work for you, there will be a replay.

Yes! Typically a 60-minute coaching call with me is $697, but for the first five who add a 1:1 at checkout, you can get my eyes and brain on your scholarship process/program in a 45-minute session for $197. Together, we’ll work intensively to create a scholarship process that is supportive to people of colour. Again, there are only five spots available, so grab yours ASAP if you want this more focused support.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. There will be a replay available with life-time access to the workshop.

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