How Inclusivity Pays Off

A new way to look at the profitability of your online business

It’s been a couple of weeks since I published a blog post and to be very honest with you, it’s been a time of simply tapping out and embracing a different rhythm whereby I’m honouring the need to slow down in order for me to have more energy to serve you. 

Over the past 4 years building this online business has meant being switched on and moving at a pace that I now feel needs to adjust to where I am currently. Taking the pressure off from constantly needing to create and intentionally making time to simply be still. It’s allowed me to reflect on what I’ve created so far and be in a place of deep gratitude for the impact this work is having with online business owners.

There’s also plenty that’s been going on from a social justice perspective in the world. Personally the heart-breaking no vote following the referendum to allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait people to have a voice in the constitution here in Australia. It highlights how much work there still needs to be done because the gap now feels enormously wide. 

I remember the day after the results were announced heading out for grocery shopping and feeling an aching in my heart and a sense of shame and rejection…my head slumped a little lower and not making much eye contact. I knew this feeling was nothing compared to how much more pain First Nations people were feeling that day and possibly, everyday.

Then there’s the war taking place between Israel and Hamas. A history I’ve been educating myself on as there’s so much I didn’t know and still do not know. But one thing is certain in my personal perspective…a ceasefire. As a human watching the atrocities unfold…it’s deeply wounding to the soul. No matter who you might stand with, right now, standing on the side of peace is what feels most true for me. There’s a lot of politics at play but there’s also being human. It is my prayer that the war will cease. So much human life has already been lost.

As I switch gears now and bring you back to the work of inclusion, something we are reminded about in our daily lives as events continue to unfold is how central inclusion is to how we show up in life and how we do business. I’ll keep saying it, inclusion is not something we can bypass.

Inclusivity has the power to completely reshape the way you approach your online business and support you to have a business that thrives for years to come.

We all know the business world is ever-evolving, and success is often measured by adaptability and innovation. Inclusivity, however, adds a dynamic layer that goes beyond business as usual. It’s not just a buzzword or a feel-good notion. Inclusivity is a powerful catalyst for growth and relationship building.

So, let’s talk about the Profitable Power of Inclusivity.

Inclusivity isn’t merely about expanding your client base, although that’s certainly one of its inevitable outcomes. It’s about fostering a business environment where everyone, regardless of their background, feels a genuine connection with your brand. It’s about acknowledging and embracing the beautiful diversity of our world.

When you create a space where individuals from various racial and cultural backgrounds feel seen and valued, you open the doors to a wider audience. Think about the potential – your products, services, and message can resonate with a diverse spectrum of individuals. It’s not just about attracting clients; it’s about building a community of individuals who share your values.

And, as many successful businesses have discovered, diversity is the fertile soil where innovation thrives. Different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds translate into fresh ideas, unique solutions, and creative approaches. An inclusive business stands out with a competitive edge in its industry.

But inclusivity doesn’t only transform your business’s external image; it also builds TRUST. In today’s world, people seek brands that align with their values. When they see your commitment to inclusivity, they connect with you on a deeper level. It’s not just about sales; it’s about creating lasting relationships based on trust and shared values.

Moreover, an inclusive business doesn’t only impact its own success; it influences society as a whole. It fosters a sense of community, where your business becomes a gathering place for individuals from all walks of life. Your impact transcends your offerings; it becomes a ripple effect that positively influences society.

Lastly, building an inclusive business can bring a profound sense of personal fulfilment. Knowing that you’re contributing to a more inclusive, compassionate world is a reward in itself. It’s a legacy you leave, something beyond profits.

The Profitable Power of Inclusivity is not just about increasing revenue; it’s about transforming the way you do business. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Let this idea resonate, let it percolate, and let it inspire you. The future of your business can be bright, impactful, and inclusive.

As an online business owner, I’d love to invite you to take the Inclusive Business Audit. A brand new and totally free resource I’ve created for you to see how inclusive your group program is and provide you with recommendations you can implement from the beginning of your client attraction journey right through to offboarding. If you’ve ever wanted to be more inclusive in your business, this is a resource you cannot afford not to have.

Download the free Inclusive Business Audit

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