The Manifesting Generator’s Dilemma in Racial Equity Work

And a solution

I still remember when one of my past students uttered these words to me, “Annie, I’m a manifesting generator (that’s human design speak if you are wondering what that means) and I feel like I need a really long list of things to do when it comes to DEI work.”

I totally understood where she was coming from having consumed a little bit of the curated resources I had shared with the cohort and felt the urgency to do ALL the things now to speed up both her knowledge and the change she wishes to see in the world. I also really appreciated the vulnerability she brought to the group coaching call. But if it were that easy {$name}, then we wouldn’t be where we are today with inequitable business practices that continue to exclude and elevate the dominant narrative and group.

When it comes to racial equity work, in order for it to be impactful and sustainable, it takes time. The same way it takes time to grow a sustainably profitable coaching business. You don’t graduate from coach training and have a fully booked business with paying clients lining up in droves to work with you…well at least for the vast majority it doesn’t go like that. It takes an enormous amount of tenacity, resilience and hard work. Racial equity work is no different. You’ve got to keep chipping away at it. It’s not something you do once or complete a long list of to dos. It’s work that requires consistency and it’s life-long. There’s simply no shortcut.

So to answer the question if you are a manifesting generator as well, I don’t have a long list of things for you to do because it would be too overwhelming and it would go into your to do list somewhere in the future.

But what I do have for you is a brand new Racial Awareness Glossary with 20  must know terms to deepen your self-awareness and empower you on your journey. This glossary doesn’t just give you the meaning of the most important words you need to know but it also gives you the history, who coined some of the terms I share and the instances where particular terms may have been misused.
Whether you are starting your journey or already well into your racial awareness journey, this glossary will be one of the best resources you will have and keep coming back to.

Click here to access your free glossary with the 20 must know terms to deepen your self-awareness on your journey.

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