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It’s clear last week’s blog post struck a chord with several people judging from the number of comments I received including from my mum. Mum has been a huge cheerleader behind the scenes and this was the first time she’d hit reply to let me know how touched she was. So mum if you are reading this (I know you are) I love you so much and can’t thank you enough for your support.

Many of the conversations I’ve been having since I returned from Bali have been centred around the importance of feeling valued, especially for people who often find themselves the “only” in a room full of people who may not look or sound like them. For the white people in my community and perhaps you are one of them, have found it immensely helpful to hear a real life account of how inclusion plays such a key role when it comes to life and no less, business.

As I brought to a close last week, the September 2023 Cohort of REPRESENTED, I was reminded how much this work of racial inclusion transcended monetary transactions because of the life transformation I was able to witness in the participants. This was such an engaged cohort. They did the work of each module, showed up for calls and shared their vulnerabilities openly. There were tears, feelings of guilt and shame. I’m so grateful the space I created for them felt safe enough for them to bring parts of themselves they never have, least of all with a Black person. I also believe their ability to share came from the fact that I also share very openly my own journey of trying to find my feet in places I haven’t always felt at ease to bring my whole self. It’s a mutual exchange of life experiences that allow us to see each other as humans and not just business owners. 

This has made me a better spaceholder…holding white tears, many of whom feel conflicted if they are allowed to cry. In my space, there is always room for the human experience that includes tears because when we can begin to release what binds us, we can move to the next level and the next.

That for me is always a reminder of why I do this work. To see the level of awareness heightened and inclusion work take centre stage in a way that allows more of your ideal clients to take a step closer to you and your work. But I think more than anything to become a better human…period.

It’s really hard to put into words how special these closing ceremonies are and so here’s a quick highlight reel of what some of the participants had to say.

The next round of REPRESENTED is going to be in March 2024. This is the last time the price will be $1497 AUD. The program has undergone a fresh update speaking more to the currency of where matters of race are globally and within our industry. I’ve capitalised on sharing bite-size lessons so it’s not overwhelming and see you complete the 10 week course within the time allocated. And if life gets in the way, you also have lifetime access. 

But perhaps what I’m most proud of now is the ability to award badges to those who complete the course signifying they are racially aware and informed. It brings me so much joy to know the power the badge will have for potential clients trying to decide who to work with. The added knowledge that racial equity is work you’ve invested in and have begun that lifelong journey will position you head and shoulders above your peers.

And so if you’ve been eyeing this course for sometime, may this be the sign you need to get in before the price increases. Find out more about the program via the link below and enrol to access the pre-work. Your future self will thank you for this investment in yourself and your business.

Get Access to REPRESENTED Pre-Work

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