Let me audit your group program for inclusivity

With the festive season upon us and as we gear towards the end of the year, I’ve been pondering about not just the present but also the future – specifically, envisioning 2024 and the strides you’ll take to make your online business more inclusive and racially equitable.

Throughout this year, I’ve shared insights on fostering inclusivity in your business. Yet, as conversations with clients and students unfolded, a pressing question arose: How do we sustain this effort beyond fleeting gestures, making inclusivity a fundamental, ongoing part of our business fabric?

Enter INCLUDED – a transformative mastermind designed for online business owners like you, ready to champion inclusion in every facet of their ventures. It’s more than a program; it’s a commitment to weaving inclusivity into the very DNA of your business.

As a coach, creative or consultant with a group program or looking to create one in 2024, INCLUDED is tailor-made for you. This mastermind positions me as your Chief Inclusion Officer, collaborating intimately across your services, marketing, operations, partnerships and most importantly, your mindset.

The aim, I hear you ask? To craft businesses that stand out for their unwavering dedication to inclusion. Imagine a space where your clients don’t just look like you but you are serving people from all over the world. Yes, even those who come from developing countries because they too, if not more, need what you have to offer so they can live their dream life.

Why does this matter? Because in a time where discerning customers seek genuine connection, inclusivity becomes the pivotal factor in their decision-making process.

INCLUDED isn’t for everyone; it’s for those truly invested in this journey. If this resonates with you, explore the invitation link below. It dispels myths, lays out intricate details, and showcases how INCLUDED will elevate your 2024 program.

Find out more and apply to join.

When you join INCLUDED before December 31st you will get a FREE personalised inclusivity review of your group program valued at $700.

With Love,

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