The Changing Landscape of Business

& Its impact on you

One thing that I’ve seen shift in the online space is buyers are becoming a lot more discerning.

Getting clients is no longer just about sharing what you offer and how you can help your ideal client. Instead, buyers are looking for evidence as to whether you are really the right coach, course creator, membership host, creative or consultant for them. People are no longer willing to invest in a program and hope it generates the results they are after – they want to know what kind of tailored support they will receive from you and the kind of space they will be a part of.

So how does this relate to racial equity work?

You may have heard me say this in the past, people of colour are now recognised as People of the Global Majority. Which means, your ability to grow your income is directly linked to how inclusive your business is because everyday, thousands of people of the global majority are searching for courses, programs, and services just like yours. The question is – Are they Buying Yours?

As a business owner you can no longer afford to put inclusion work on the backburner as a ‘someday’ project. 

I get there are MANY things competing for your time and resources as you grow your business, but prioritising the necessary groundwork required to speak to, earn the trust of, and include People of the Global Majority is the key that unlocks more successes and sustainability by generating results like…  

… having 60% of your client base comprising of people of colour (when prior to doing REPRESENTED they were 100% white) 

… filling almost 50% of a certification program with people of colour (with only a handful of those being scholarship recipients) 

… signing high ticket clients from the continent of Africa (a market they’d previously never thought to promote to) 

Find out how you too can create similar results in your business

But here’s the thing… 

These results didn’t happen by accident. 

After years of supporting heart-led coaches & creatives to build more intentionally inclusive businesses, I know that the rewards they reap are reflective of their commitment to showing up courageously & consistently

The online business owners who prioritise inclusion work:

1) Show up for this work afraid and build the muscle of courage along the way. They’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no other way around it other than doing the work and knowing it isn’t a linear path to growth, and there’s no script or check-box that’ll automatically make them ‘inclusive’. 

2) Reap the rewards of supporting a diverse range of clients, many who are people of the global majority. It’s allowed them to refine their ability to support clients from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds  and continue to grow in their inclusion journey.

3) Don’t consider inclusion work just for those who are deemed “racist” but rather for them too because they know they’ve been part of and are still part of systems that perpetuate exclusion and harm to those with marginalised identities such as people of colour.

4) Haven’t taken the default position of being muted and listening because they understand having a voice and sharing their perspective even though they get it wrong is important to inclusion work and their voice matters immensely to people of colour.

And they do it in a loving, supported space where they can bring their messy, unsure selves to the table, have the uncomfortable conversations without fear of judgement, and develop the awareness and tools to build a inclusive, diverse, sustainable business, that makes a real difference in the online business space – all while growing their client base and profitability. 

REPRESENTED is that space where we get to journey together for 10 weeks helping you understand how inclusion work is tied to income generation so you can build a sustainable and profitable business.

Find out more and enrol in REPRESENTED.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers individualised support as you unpack and integrate your learning, I’ve got you covered with the VIP Experience right here

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