The Dangers of Western Feminism on Black African Women with Elma Akob

I engage in a captivating conversation with Elma Akob, CEO of Elevate Africa Academy and TEDx speaker. Together, we explore the intersection of Western feminism and its impact on the unique challenges faced by Black African women. From cancel culture to the dichotomy of global feminist concepts, Elma provides a fresh perspective. Get ready for insights into her journey rooted in faith, family, and a pursuit of a Ph.D. in corporate sustainability. This episode is a powerful call to action, transcending cultural boundaries, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring change. 

Elma’s Tedx Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EbiVAfoGmo
Microaggressions Guide: https://anniegichuru.com/micro/
Microaggressions 101 Live Training:https://anniegichuru.com/lt/

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