This is what happens when you prioritise inclusion

In this episode of REPRESENTED podcast, the focus is on understanding the critical importance of prioritising inclusion work within the framework of business strategies. Often perceived as an optional addition, inclusion work is revealed to be an integral component of successful and sustainable business models. I share compelling case studies, illustrating the profound impact of prioritising inclusivity. Long-term clients have seen remarkable shifts in their client bases, transitioning from predominantly white to significantly more racially diverse clients, resulting in unexpected business growth.

I also dive into the unexpected benefits of embracing inclusion as a core business principle. Insights reveal how inclusivity widens reach, connects with aligned audiences, and significantly enhances the ability to create inclusive spaces for diverse clientele. Moreover, I highlight a global perspective, emphasising the vast untapped potential in serving the global majority, predominantly comprising People of Colour. The episode concludes by offering actionable steps, such as a free inclusive business audit template, to guide businesses in assessing and fortifying their inclusivity across all client interactions.


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