Not All White Tears Are Harmful

I’m tackling the nuanced topic of white tears and the crucial role of holding space for them. I take you behind the scenes to share a personal moment from a brave client who discusses her painful journey carrying shame and guilt. I explore the concept of white fragility and how it gives rise to white […]

January 26 – Survival Day

In this heartfelt episode, I had the privilege of welcoming my very first guest, Nartarsha Bamblett, a powerful advocate and educator for First Nations people in Australia. Nartarsha, also known as Queen Acknowledgments, shares the origins of her name and how it reflects her journey of healing and self-development. We discuss the significance of Acknowledgments […]

My Predictions For Inclusion Work in 2024

In this episode, I’m diving into some eye opening predictions for the future of racial inclusion in the online coaching industry. I’m sharing six key insights that touch on important areas like racial inclusion in programs, the increasing demand for diverse perspectives, a shift in global advertising strategies, reimagining payment plans, making decisions based on […]

This is what happens when you prioritise inclusion

In this episode of REPRESENTED podcast, the focus is on understanding the critical importance of prioritising inclusion work within the framework of business strategies. Often perceived as an optional addition, inclusion work is revealed to be an integral component of successful and sustainable business models. I share compelling case studies, illustrating the profound impact of […]

Welcome to the REPRESENTED Podcast

Hey there lovely, If you’ve been on the look out for a podcast that can gently lead you on your racial awareness and inclusion journey, I’m excited to let you know that you’ve arrived. In this welcome episode I share the intention behind creating this podcast and why even though you think you are already […]