January 26 – Survival Day

In this heartfelt episode, I had the privilege of welcoming my very first guest, Nartarsha Bamblett, a powerful advocate and educator for First Nations people in Australia. Nartarsha, also known as Queen Acknowledgments, shares the origins of her name and how it reflects her journey of healing and self-development.

We discuss the significance of Acknowledgments of Country and the difference between a Welcome to Country and an Acknowledgment of Country in the context of First Nations people in Australia. The conversation takes a poignant turn as we discuss the importance of truth-telling and educating people about the often-overlooked history of Australia. Nartarsha shares her perspective on the challenges faced by First Nations people and the impact of historical events, including the recent Voice to Parliament referendum. We explore Nartarsha’s personal experiences on January 26th, a day commonly referred to as Australia Day but recognised by First Nations people as a day of mourning.

Her powerful message underscores the importance of presence, listening, and continuous learning as individuals and as a nation. The episode serves as a call to action for building a future where all Australians can come together to stand in solidarity and amplify the rich cultural heritage of First Nations people.


To find out more about Nartarsha and to work with her: Instagram:   / queenacknowledgements  

Survival Day Awareness Workshop: https://events.humanitix.com/survivalday

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