Not All White Tears Are Harmful

I’m tackling the nuanced topic of white tears and the crucial role of holding space for them. I take you behind the scenes to share a personal moment from a brave client who discusses her painful journey carrying shame and guilt. I explore the concept of white fragility and how it gives rise to white tears, as well as the importance of hearing from white individuals actively engaged in anti-racism work.

I distinguish between harmful white tears that hinder progress and those genuinely seeking growth. Coaching plays a key role in racial equity, creating a supportive space for individuals to learn from mistakes. The episode concludes with practical steps you can take towards the journey of healing. If you’re navigating racial equity and seeking a compassionate space for growth, consider joining the waitlist to my program, REPRESENTED.


REPRESENTED: https://anniegichuru.com/represented/

Microaggressions Guide: https://anniegichuru.com/micro/

Loretta J Ross: https://www.ted.com/talks/loretta_j_r…

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