How To Apply Critical Thinking

In Your Racial Equity Work

Today, I want to share a lesson that can be a game-changer in your racial equity journey: the power of critical thinking.

In my coaching sessions and interactions with students, I often find they have a strong desire to know what’s right and wrong when it comes to racial matters and equity in business. Many are eager to learn and apply racial equity principles, but sometimes, critical thinking takes a backseat.

So, what do I mean by critical thinking? It’s about delving deeper into the “why” behind the recommendations and not merely accepting things at face value. It’s about understanding the reasoning and context, rather than being quick to apply the teachings without fully understanding what they mean.

While seeking guidance is a great thing to do, simply following recommendations without understanding the underlying reasons can hinder your progress. It can lead to superficial changes, where you’re merely checking boxes and not truly internalising the principles of racial equity.

You see, for racial equity work to be effective, it must go beyond the surface. It must be personal, involving inner transformation that influences your decisions and actions, both in your personal life and your business.

So, here’s my encouragement to you, whether you’re new to this journey or have been at it for a while: don’t be afraid to go deeper than what you’re told. Question, reflect, and engage in self-interrogation. Journal your feelings and reactions, examining them closely. Understand why certain topics elicit specific emotions and bodily responses.

Racial equity work often is actually part of a healing process, and before healing can happen, one needs to confront the confusion and complexities that arise from within. By sitting with your feelings and seeking to understand them, you’re taking a vital step towards genuine growth.

Rather than merely regurgitating what you’ve heard an educator say, seek to grasp the “why” behind the guidance. When you truly understand, you become a more effective ally. You can share your knowledge from a place of comprehension and empathy, making you a powerful force for change.

This is the exact teaching principle I apply in my program REPRESENTED. This 10-week journey is specifically designed for online business owners such as coaches, creatives, consultants, course creators, and membership site owners who are ready to build racially equitable businesses.

REPRESENTED supports you to reach a broader, more diverse audience. It’s not just about the profitability of your business which is key; it’s also about sustainability and making a real impact in your business and life by reaching more ideal clients from demographics you might not have considered.

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If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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