The BIGGEST misconception about Inclusion

I’m breaking it down for you

I know it’s a big call to say the BIGGEST misconception I see about inclusion work but hear me out and by the end of this email you’ll be nodding in agreement. You may already think/see yourself as inclusive and the fact that you are here reading this probably reaffirms this for you. But the issue I’ve come to see with inclusion work is that a vast majority of online business owners feel they are inclusive until a tragedy happens and they begin to question their inclusivity. They begin to look at their clients, the spaces they hold and the work they are doing internally to become more inclusive and feel like they truly aren’t and they have so much work to do. This is when inclusion work becomes prioritised.

I’ve wondered often why this is the case… why does it take the loss of life to get us all on the same page talking about the need for inclusion and doing the work of being inclusive?

Why is it so difficult to integrate inclusion work as part of your business as usual activities and not a side offering? 

The answer lies in the fact that most feel they are not directly impacted by not doing inclusion work. And that’s where a lot of online business owners are getting it wrong, thinking, “Well, this just doesn’t affect me. I have my clients, I’m serving them well and there’s really no need to do this uncomfortable work.”

But when you only look at your life and business from one lens – and not an inclusive lens – you’re ultimately hurting your business in the long run. Inclusion work is not going away. And that means – for those who want sustainably profitable, long-term businesses – the choices are to either become leaders, championing inclusion OR stay quiet and reactive, hoping no one notices you only respond when tragedy strikes.  

One of the goals of my work is to help you re-commit to this work so you are not having a knee jerk reaction when this topic is trending in the news again. This work is lifelong and whilst it is important to pace yourself and take time off to recharge, this work is ongoing.

One of the best ways you can re-commit to this work AND make strides toward inclusivity in your own business is by signing up for my FREE 3-day Inclusive Language Intensive (delivered as a pop-up podcast) where I will support you to:

👉🏾 Connect with your personal why for doing this necessary work (most people find that their reasons are much deeper than they ever could have imagined) 

👉🏾 Explore & unpack the concept of inclusive language + how it intersects at a personal/professional level (especially for heart-led businesses who are working for more than just profit – this is a legacy we’re building)

👉🏾 Learn the difference between authentic inclusivity and virtue signalling so your business attracts a diverse clientele for years to come (not just when boxes are checked)

👉🏾 Deep dive into your content and identify where you can be more inclusive (we’re talking much deeper than one statement on your About Page)

👉🏾 Learn the 5 key concepts it takes to provide safeR spaces for people of colour within your programs & offerings (so that you can become known as a leader for ALL kinds of people)

Sign up and commit to creating a better, more inclusive business.

FREE Inclusive Language Intensive

With Love,


I’m so glad you’re here!

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